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Most of you know I had a recent death in my bio family, it was unexpected & really rather shocking to my whole family.
My strong war hero brother died. No, he wasn't in Iraq, though he had been there 3 times. No, he wasn't old. No, he wasn't sick.
He left 2 young men (his sons)with very little direction as to what to do if he died. Hence the Lady & i went to Yakima,WA after the funeral to help them sort though my brothers things.
One thing I know for certain my brother much like me in our own ways....lived life fully!
He felt strongly about the things he cared about. & just like me he loved sex!
I will miss him.
As for me, I am calling myself a little fragile.
I would like to thank all those who sent cards & well wishes, and helped me in many ways(dog watchers).
I know I am blessed.
My brothers death makes me realize just how loved & blessed I am & I am thankful for that!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I find it funny no one has posted this yet amoung my friends.LOL Just saying!


What about Prop 8!!!!!

cause I'd fuck someone!!!!!

Fuck or Pass game.
The rules are simple.
If you want to fuck the person who posts this, send them a reply saying "I'd fuck you." But then, you have to post this in your journal, in exchange.



I was thinking about my life....yesterday....I (on the whole) feel blessed!
I love my life (the poly, queerness, fly-girlness of it) Just how fortunate am I? well yesterday I went to a luncheon given for over achieving F/A's every year my company invites their best F/A's to lunch, they give us things like a plaque (like the 1 the Lady makes me put up on the mantle every year), a goodie basket/gift (see useless dust collector). I get invited every year as a general rule, but this year I didnt get the day off....so my boss gave me the time off...& paid me too...I was shocked!!! One thing that scares me about the merger is not having a union & being gay & getting fired due to some narrow minded people!
I hope my base stays a base & that my managers stay my managers!
I loved sitting at lunch with the VP of a MAJOR US airline & chatting about my queer life ....(SHE asked me to sit next to her for lunch...out of the 20 other people at lunch). Is it luck, hard work, or being blessed?
Whatever it is I am thankful!


Crap! Was gonna post & hit a wrong button & lost all I had wrote!!!
Hate that!
Hi bye!
So....I am home from Denver.
Once again I had luggage PROBLEMS!!!!
The bag finally got there friday night after dinner!
I had some good times & some realizations....
Good times....Dinner Friday night was great! It felt like old home weekend...W/we sat around the table & talked about the good times we have had together & about new things we are doing. Towards the end of dinner (I guess we were having tooooo much fun)because the bartender had to come investigate ....now mind you we had taken a table outside to be away from the crowds & so we could add to the group as needed, also immediate seating.
The Lady commented later how the 2 men having dinner at the next table got an earful!
Oh well....W/we had fun!!!
I went to a few workshops due to being just an attendee. I enjoyed Lo's Poly workshop, had a great time helping Mark F. look for stuff to teach with due to his luggage getting lost(I know the real story but I will leave it at that to protect the innocent)LOL...oh there are no innocents left!
Hmmm....I found Cleo's workshop interesting, have never been to her workshops before. I did go to Mr. Townsend's ask the presenter workshop, I had a chuckle watch a few FTM/Dykes/bi-sexuals give an unknowing Straight Dom male a really hard time about a comment he made.
I wont go into details but I could have seen that one coming a mile away!LOL
I didnt get to all the workshops I wanted to....but that often happens with 9:30am classes! I value sleep toooo much!
I had a wonderful day with my boy including getting to have my fav. boots done by him!!!!Thank you, paksen, they looked great afterward!
I must say....my boy has grown up!
Not only does he carry himself more like a man in the world but he acts like it. I only get to see him a few times a year but wow....he is not a little boy anymore. If I havent said it lately....I am proud of you, paksen.
As for The Lady & cru they vended & did a good job with little help from me!
I guess I am not as indispensable as I like to think....but it was nice this morning when the Lady in a quiet moment told me thank you for helping to get them packed to go home....& the happy look in cru's eye because the Major got his pillow packed for him.
I am very blessed!
Sometimes I just need to get out of my head & allow those that love me to do for me. Even though it is hard to change ones nature as a wise boy once told me.
Well thats enough for now...back to work tomorrow...yuck!


So....W/we went to camp.
W/we left on tuesday night late(redeye)W/we arrived in BWI around noon on Wed. As I was looking for the bags to come off the baggage claim belt I realized there was only 5 bags....somehow I had it in my head we had 6 bags to check.
Don't ya know I was right....W/we did have 6 bags...(mine wasn't here).
W/we figured out I left it in my room .....too busy getting everyone & everything else together that I forgot myself!
Now most would FREAK....& I admit I did for about an hour I was just awful!!!!
Sorry Lady, sorry boy.
But as I calmed down....I realized how MUCH these two people meant to me!!!
For me...it just goes to show how important it was for them to have EVERYTHING they needed to make camp great that I forgot to remember my bag...now some would say it was just a bad month & some cosmic imp wanted me to do fashions by Target for the month of JUNE at leather events, & some would say clothes just don't matter to me, (the fact that I was the one starting the orgy on the porch that first day has nothing to do with it, buck ass naked no less). Anyway with alota help from the Playhouse fashionista's & Target....I once again had something to wear!LOL
So...Camp....I love camping!!!
(in cabins especially)LOL
Here are a few of my favorite moments from the weekend....

The orgy on the front porch ...but what may shock all of you...the medium sized stain left on the wood of the porch that was my blood from the tail end of my period that was fucked out of me during it....& the fact that for the rest of the weekend we all played right on/over it!!!
( oh yes I am a sick fuck!!)

Then there was the fact that all these people kept having these spots on their thighs that I would see & know...ahhh that is my Lady's work!

Pie dropper! nuff said!

The fact that both cru & I got sick but that didn't stop us all from having a great time!(just left things to do next time, Tractor, & other things)

The ball dance the Lady & I decided to do on Thursday night! Watching the boy drum for us! Yes, Lady You were right, More bells next time!

Being proud of cru cause he taught even though he was VERY sick! good boy!
& gave a great workshop!

getting to see close friends & spend time with new ones.

Helping to design something meaningful to the person getting the cutting, & getting to cut in a scene with the Lady.btw...love the end cutting the next day, it looked great!

Just a few of my fav memories.

I also am glad the Lady said She would do it again!!!!

Jun. 13th, 2007

Well....W/we made it home from ATL.
I have been thrilled with the comments W/we received about the workshops we taught at SELF.
I must say as a presenter I never know if the people attending get outta it what I am trying to give.
There is always the vocabulary differences, point of view, east/west coast style issues, sexual orientation, the list goes on & on about why some classes are well received at certain events & not others.
I am always humbled when people tell me after a class that something I said touched them.
Afterall I am just a person on a journey in the leather lifestyle.
So....to that end....I just wanted to take a moment to Thank all those who came to the workshops W/we taught & to the Producers of SELF for giving U/us the opportunity to do so.
Thank you all!
Monica, on behalf of my Lady & boy cru

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